The benefit of building a
network of future leaders

By bringing together young leaders from varying cultural, geographic and socio-economic backgrounds, Paragon’s residential program allows each Fellow to experience the power of diverse global perspectives. Through exposure to interdisciplinary problem solving, we hope that Paragon Fellows will come up with sustainable solutions to global challenges.


Through experiential learning and personalized coaching, Paragon Fellows will get to recognise the fundamental humanity of those who change the world – and their own power to do the same.


Talent is universal, but access to opportunities is not. Paragon aims to build a powerful network of Fellows who will use their passion, brilliance and collaborative spirit to better society.

Paragon Networking Opportunities

The purpose of Paragon is to break down demographic and geographic boundaries.

We want young leaders to connect and build lasting relationships that will enable them to work together well into the future. Interactions with influential leaders via personalized coaching will also allow them to establish relationships with key individuals for future collaboration.

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