Why is Youth Leadership Important?

The future of our world rests on the shoulders of its youngest citizens.
Today’s youth will become tomorrow’s innovators, entrepreneurs and decision-makers. Paragon exists to accelerate youth leaders and enable their impact in their communities, giving them the skills and confidence to address the greatest social, political, and economic challenges of our time.


Paragon Fellows will spend three weeks in Turkey, discovering culture, experiencing history, and imagining the future. Site visits and experiential activities will help Paragon Fellows understand challenging global issues from multiple perspectives, while recognizing the power of interdisciplinary problem-solving.


By understanding challenging global problems and learning how to leverage a network, participants will be uniquely prepared for navigating the years ahead – and for accessing other opportunities for university and beyond.


Participants will be challenged to work together and leverage each other’s unique strengths through unique design challenges that help them recognize their shared power to unlock change in the world, forming a shared identity as Paragon Fellows.


Paragon Fellows will be guided by influential facilitators via in-person and virtual interactions, including some of the world’s most recognizable figures: UN SDG Advocates, celebrated entrepreneurs, and shapers of public policy. Through personalized coaching, they will get to meet the real people behind these powerful roles, while becoming aware of their own potential to lead.  

How will young
leaders be identified?

Paragon Fellows will be selected through a multi-stage application process, in which applicants will get a chance to showcase their cognitive capability, collaborative spirit, critical thinking, and intellectual and moral character.

Candidates for Paragon’s unique youth development program can be from anywhere in the world, with any background, education or culture. We’re looking for a diverse range of leaders, each with their own unique skills and ideas, who can come together and combine their strengths to create sustainable future solutions.

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