How can we future-proof the world?

The lessons and skills our youth learn today are the tools they will use to shape the future. It’s their innovative solutions, social impact and political voices that will drive positive change in the world. We have a responsibility, now more than ever, to empower these young leaders and nurture the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and problem solvers.

Many young people around the globe have exceptional potential. But without the proper resources and support, their ideas and dreams may never be realized, and the world would be poorer for it.

Why do we need your help to identify young leaders?

We do not seek only exceptional grades on school reports: we seek young people with extraordinary depth of character and achievement beyond classroom expectations. Although academics will be considered, we rely on parents, educators and mentors to help us recognise young people with the kind of drive, resilience, and empathy that will power their journey to drive global change.

Our enrolment process includes feedback from adults who work with the student, and we ask each candidate to provide the contact information for a trusted adult.

Paragon takes the safety and well-being of every fellow seriously – protecting their privacy during the admissions process and ensuring their safety in our program activities.

Using a rigid, ethical selection process, we select youth with an inclination to help those around them.

Partner Organizations

Paragon is an initiative of the African Leadership Group, an ecosystem of institutions which share a common vision: transforming Africa by developing and connecting a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders.

African Leadership Academy

African Leadership Academy, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, seeks to transform Africa by developing young leaders who will work together to address Africa’s greatest challenges, achieve extraordinary social impact, and accelerate the continent’s growth trajectory.

African Leadership Academy has been selecting exceptional talent from across the African continent for the past 12 years and has had over 1,300 students from over 45 different African countries enroll in the flagship Diploma Program.

African Leadership University

African Leadership University aims to develop 3 million ethical and entrepreneurial leaders for Africa and the world by 2060. ALU is pioneering a fresh approach to higher education in the 21st century; offering accredited undergraduate, postgraduate and executive education programmes in a unique and imaginative way.

By integrating students’ learning with the real world, empowering students to take ownership of their own learning, equipping each student to think entrepreneurially, and employing the most engaging and inspiring teaching methods, ALU is pioneering a new take on higher education and leadership development. ALU currently has campuses in Mauritius and Rwanda.

Global Leadership Adventures

Global Leadership Adventures presents a fresh, new approach to service-learning and discovery abroad for intellectually-curious and socially-oriented teenagers. Participants on Global Leadership Adventures programs explore historic and natural sites in different countries, learn the local culture, language, and history, and serve the community through meaningful volunteer efforts. GLA’s goal is to provide life-changing experiences that will cultivate a global perspective and open-mindedness in students that will ultimately inspire them to become great leaders and global thinkers and seek positive change in their own communities. Programs are offered in Africa, Asia, Latin America & Europe.

Summer Springboard

Summer Springboard was founded to give college-bound teens a supportive environment where they can explore their personal and academic passions. Their innovative pre-college summer programs, offered at some of the nation’s leading colleges and universities, combine the benefits of an academically challenging summer experience with tools and frameworks for personal leadership development and self-discovery. Leveraging the years of success enjoyed by sister organizations, Global Leadership Adventures and Discover Corps, Summer Springboard aims to continue the tradition of providing unique and compelling summer experiences for college-bound teens as they look to grow, expand and impact their communities.

Leadership Development Program

Paragon is a leadership development program that identifies and connects exceptional youth from across the globe, all of whom have strong leadership potential and the drive to create a brighter and more prosperous future for all.

This groundbreaking leadership development program invites young, motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures to apply.


By bringing together young leaders from varying cultural, geographic and socio-economic backgrounds, Paragon’s residential program is able to leverage global diversity from multiple perspectives.

Through exposure to interdisciplinary problem solving, Paragon aims to build a powerful network of Fellows who will use their passion, brilliance and collaborative spirit to better society.

More about Paragon

Paragon is an initiative of the African Leadership Group, an ecosystem of institutions which share a common vision: transforming Africa by developing and connecting a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders.

Paragon is a youth development program aimed at building a network of future leaders who will create sustainable solutions to address global challenges.

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